Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fat Loss Training W15D2

BW=132.3 kg / 291 lb
  • Warmup, Press: 40x5, 50x3, 60, 70
  • Press:
    • 75 kg / 165 lb x2 + 1 push press
    • 70 kg / 154 lb x3
    • 70 kg / 154 lb 4x2
  • Warmup, Pause Squats: bar x10, 70x5, 100x3, 120, 150, 170
  • Paused Squats:
    • 170 kg / 374 lb x3
    • 170 kg / 374 lb 3x2
  • Reverse Grip BB Rows: 75 kg / 165 lb 5x15
  • Volume: 9,920 kg / 21,824 lb in 66 min
  • Density: 150 kg / min (330 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 125 BPM, peak 162 BPM, burn 689 Cal
  • A 2 day for fatigue, but adjusted accordingly
Done the day after circuit training, so I was definitely fatigued from that.  Today was working up to 3RM on both press and paused squats, and this is all I had for today.  Lost about 5 kg off my last 3RM on press and 15 kg off the paused squats.  A lot of that is me getting acclimated to 100 body weight squats a day and training the day after lunges and push ups.

My schedule is a little off because I'm trying to get done with day 3 on Thursday since I won't be near a gym this weekend.  I'm definitely feeling the fatigue from a performance standpoint, but it's not fogging my ability to think.  I should be fresher on Thursday, and even more fresh next week when I return to my normal lifting schedule.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W15D1 Ramping Back Up

BW=132.4 kg / 292 lb
  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 125/150 protocol
    • RDL: 105 kg / 231 lb x8
    • Ext ROM Pushup: BW x20,17,15,15,13 --  total 80 reps
    • Walking DB Lunges: BW + 22.5 kg each hand x18
    • Snatch Grip High Pull: 75 kg / 165 lb x5
  • Volume: 32,633 kg / 71792 lb in 47 min
  • Density: 694 kg / min (1527 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 149 BPM, peak 177 BPM, burn 682 Cal
  • Overall 3 day
This week's schedule is a bit off because I won't be able to train on Saturday.  I managed to hold on to all the implements despite the increased reps and shorter rest times.  I'm pretty pleased with that, although it was a close call with the lunges.  I think I need to reapply chalk halfway through the circuit since I sweat the coat of chalk off that quickly.

In this last 5 weeks of training with Greg, we are focusing on bringing back my conventional deadlift.  It's been pretty much a year since I've focused on that lift, having switched to sumo.  It's still 3 training days a week, but only one day is dedicated to conditioning.  My Day 2 is pretty much unchanged.  Day 3 is overhead press, deadlift, and farmer's walk/hold day.  Starting to almost look like strongman work.  Since grip is a problem we're pretty much hammering it for a few weeks.

In other news, my calories are restricted again :( and I have a daily requirement for 100 BW squats, however I choose to divide it up.  I'm not logging them here, since it's to increase the daily base activity.  It's not too bad, just fewer carbs in the afternoon.  200 fewer calories from carbs.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W14D3 / FW Test

BW=131.8 kg / 290 lb
  • Plate Carry: 25kg x 50ft x8
  • Farmer's Walk: weight for each hand
    • 117.5 kg / 258 lb x 2ft
    • 67.5 kg / 148 lb x 130 ft x2
  • Plate Carry: 25kg x50ft x8
  • Volume: 9670 kg-rd / 21274 lb-yd in 21 min
  • Density: 460 kg-yd / min, 1013 lb-yd / min
  • Heart Rate: avg. 146 BPM, peak 186 BPM, burn 283 Cal
The farmer's walks I bought have a very mild knurling, and might as well be smooth.  They are 17.5 kg / 38 lb each.  The lowest weight competition farmers walk listed in the upcoming competitions was 250 lb x 100 ft (turn in the middle).  I barely got that weight up and only got a couple steps in.  The 2 ft I listed is short because even at half my normal stride it would be further than that, but I had no way of measuring really.  I took a 25 kg plate off each post, and walked from my driveway to the border of my neighbor's far property line.  I used Google maps to calculate the distance traveled which happened to be 130 ft each way.  Other than setting it down to turn around, I had to set it down one more time to adjust my grip on the way back.  I definitely have some practice to do on this event, but it should pay me back pretty well later on.

The plate carries were necessary to set up the FW by the side of the road.  It's about 50ft from where they are stored in my garage to the road, so that was significant enough to track.
  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 120/150 protocol
    • Hip Thrusts: 55 kg / 110 lb x20 pause at top
    • Push Press: 67.5 kg / 148 lb x5
    • Goblet Squats: BW+32kg x15
    • DB Face Pulls: 35 kg / 77 lb x12 (15 on last set)
  • Volume: 21,677 kg / 47,690 lb in 50 min
  • Density: 433 kg / min (953 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 146 BPM, peak 167 BPM, burn 690 Cal
  • Decent 3 day
There was about 45 minutes between the FW test and the circuit training.  All in all it wasn't a bad day.  At least I know where I stand with my grip, and working the FW a bit more regularly will be a good thing.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W14D2 -- I Suck

BW = 131.8 kg / 290 lb
  • Warmup, Press: bar x10, 40x5, 50x3, 60, 70
  • Press:
    • 77.5 kg / 170 lb x2 (PR), but supposed to be for 3
    • 77.5 kg / 170 lb push press x1
    • 70 kg / 154 lb 2x3
    • 70 kg / 154 lb 2x2
    • 70 kg / 154 lb push press x3
  • Warmup, Pause Squat: bar x10, 70x5, 100x3, 120, 150, 170
  • Paused Squat: 3s
    • 177.5 kg / 391 lb x 3
    • 170 kg / 374 lb x 2
  • Squat:
    • 150 kg / 330 lb x8
    • 150 kg / 330 lb x3 -- smashed finger on j-hook and stopped
  • Volume: 5,635 kg / 12,397 lb in 55 min
  • Density: 102 kg / min (225 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 120 BPM, peak 161, burn 536 Cal
  • A 2 day, borderline 1
Big stress going on at work, lots of pressure to finish up a part that doesn't want to get finished.  It's a royal pain.

Nothing went according to plan.  I got frustrated, so I did some frustration work like the 150 kg squats AMAP set.  The second of AMAP squats was cut short because I lost balance and smashed my pinky between the bar and j-hooks.  Cheerleader came running in with a worried look on her face, but there's no way to muffle the "ow" that comes from smashing your finger with weight on your back.  At any rate, I packed it in at that point to avoid the frustration boiling over into rage.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W14D1

BW=133.1 kg / 293 lb

  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 120/150 protocol
    • RDL: 105 kg / 231 lb x6
    • Ext. ROM Push Up: BW x20,17,15,15,15 -- 82 reps total
    • DB Lunges: BW + 22.5 kg each hand x15
    • Snatch Grip High Pull: 75 kg / 165 lb x4
  • Volume: 28,922 kg / 63,628 lb in 43 min
  • Density: 672 kg / min (1480 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg 145 BPM, peak 174 BPM, burn 591 Cal
  • Good 3 day

This seemed like just enough reduction in volume.  While I did have to concentrate to keep the grip going all 5 sets, I didn't have to set the dumbbells or the bar down once.  For the record, it was 4 less reps on RDLs and 5 reps less on the lunges each set.  My heart rate normalized a lot quicker, which is why you see that crazy high density despite the slightly lower volume.  I am up about 3-4 pounds for some reason, but I'm going to keep staying the course and it should come back off.

I have a pair of farmers walk implements ordered, and when they get here we'll be doing a grip test.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W13D3

BW = 131.7 kg / 290 lb
  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 120/150 protocol
    • BB Hip Thrusts: 55 kg / 121 lb x20
    • Push Press: 67.5 kg / 149 lb x7* (*couldn't lock out very last rep of the day)
    • Goblet Squats: 32 kg / 70 lb x20
    • DB Face Pulls: 30 kg / 66 lb x10
  • Volume: 12,795 kg / 28,149 lb in 63 min
  • Density: 203 kg / min (447 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 144 BPM peak 174 BPM, burn 860 Cal
  • Another 2's day
Considering this is the day after a brutal squat day, I was out in the sun all day, my schedule was all screwed up, etc.  I'm happy all I missed was one rep out of the whole day.  Even more so considering how pressing went yesterday.  I'm not going to worry too much about today.  It was one of those days I had trouble motivating myself to even get in the gym.  For that, I'm grateful.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W13D2

BW = 132.4 kg / 292 lb
  • Warmup, Pause Squats: bar x10, 70x5, 100x3, 120, 150
  • Pause Squats: 3s
    • 162.5 kg / 358 lb x8 (PR)
    • 162.5 kg / 358 lb 3x5
  • Warmup, Press: bar x10, 40x5, 50x3, 60
  • Press:
    • 72.5 kg / 160 lb x3 -- supposed to be 5RM
    • 65 kg / 143 lb x6
    • 65 kg / 143 lb 3x3
    • 52.5 kg / 115 lb x9
  • Reverse Grip BB Rows: 75 kg / 165 lb 4x15
  • Volume: 11,632 kg / 25,592 lb in 74 minutes
  • Density: 157 kg / min (346 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 138 BPM, peak 168 BPM burn 938 Cal
  • A 2 day
I'm chalking this one up to "one of those days".  The 162.5 kg 8RM is a 2.5 kg PR and puts my pause squat e1RM at 206 kg.  I definitely didn't feel 165 in me today.  The squats were pretty tough, and probably took what energy I had.

Last week I was sure I had the strength for 72.5 kg x5, but due to form issues and not being able to keep a big chest of air I was a rep short.  This week the idea was to rerack the bar, breath, and press.  I just could not generate any speed off of my shoulders, and it was 3 slow reps.  I did experiment with the super tight grip on the very early warmups, and the bar move pretty fast, even though I was fatigued.  I went to my regular grip at 50kg and up and the bar speed was just too slow.  I backed off probably a little more than I should, and got confused on what I was trying to do.  I was about to get upset that I only got 6 reps instead of 8, but then I remembered this was a 5RM day.

More volume on the reverse grip rows, and I dropped the weight on them a bit.  A big reason for it being how I felt, and because I had a whole extra set I needed to get done and I barely got the 3 done last week.