Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fat Loss Training: Deload D1

BW=133.8 kg / 295 lb
  • Circuit Training: 120/150 protocol, 3 sets
    • RDL: 102.5 kg / 226 lb x10
    • Ext.ROM Push Ups: BW x18,17,15
    • DB Lunges: BW+20kg/44lb ea hand x20
    • Rear Delt Raise: 7.5 kg / 16 lb x20
  • Volume: 20,643 kg / 45,414 lb in 37 min
  • Density: 558 kg / min (1,227 lb / min) includes BW
  • Heart Rate: avg. 140, peak 179 burned 487 Cal
  • Good 3 day
It's a volume deload week.  Same intensity, just two fewer sets than normal.  Felt pretty good, but there's still some residual cough that doesn't want to let go.  That's making my heart pound hard, but not necessarily faster.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W10D3

BW=131.8 kg / 290 lb
  • Circuit Training: 125/150 protocol, 4 sets
    • BB Hip Thrusts: 45 kg / 99 lb x20
    • Push Press: 67.5 kg / 148 lb x6
    • Goblet Squat: 32 kg / 70 lb x20
    • DB Face Pulls: 30 kg / 66 lb x12
  • Volume: 9,220 kg / 20,284 lb in 54 min
  • Density: 170 kg / min (375 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 141 BPM, pk 172 BPM, burn 709 Cal
  • It was a 2 day
I contracted a cold this week, which started out as simple allergies, and then it sunk into my chest.  That thing hung on for dear life and this is the first day I was ready to train again.Unsurprisingly, I had lackluster energy and my recovery was still not quite there.  I'm usually done with 5 sets in about 50-60 minutes, but I only got 4 sets done in that period of time.

This session was cut a set short because I was starting to feel nauseous.  Heart was pounding out of my chest, but no episodes today.  I think I can blame that on essentially no activity in about a week.  The muscular endurance was still there, but the cardio capacity did suffer a little bit.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W10D2

BW=132.3 kg / 291 lb
  • Warmup, Pause Squats: bar x10, 70x5, 100x3, 120, 150, 170
  • Pause Squats:
    • 175 kg / 385 lb x5 (Rep PR)
    • 175 kg / 385 lb 3x3
  • Warmup, Press: bar x10, 40x5, 50x3, 60
  • Press:
    • 65 kg / 143 lb x8 (rep PR)
    • 65 kg / 143 lb 4x5 (last two reps of last two sets were push press)
    • 52.5 kg / 115 lb x8 -- AMRAP
  • BB Rows: 97.5 kg / 214 lb 3x8
  • Volume: 8,930 kg / 19,646 lb in 76 min
  • Density: 117 kg / min (258 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 135 BPM, peak 160 BPM cal. 927
  • A high 2 day.
I set 2 rep PRs today, so it wasn't too bad.  I'm still adjusting to the diet changes and training.  My guess is it will take me about a week.  Nevertheless, it's clear I'm still getting stronger.  I turned my 3RM on pause squats to a 5RM.  I also hit my target on the primary work set for a new 8RM.

I think my traps need a little attention to help with lock out.  They fatigued first, and are pretty sore at the moment.  I've got a lot more volume on the press now, and I need it.  Unfortunately, I ran out of juice before my 3rd and 4th backoff sets were done, so I had to push press them.

I'm not feeling completely wrecked, just not completely recovered just yet.  The rows were an unholy mess of flailing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W10D1

BW=133.5 kg / 294 lb
  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 125/150 protocol
    • Romanian Deadlift: 102.5 kg / 227 lb x10
    • Ext. ROM Push Up: BW x20,18,16,16,15 -- 85 reps total
    • DB Lunges: BW + 20 kg / 44 lb ea arm x20,15,20,20,20
    • Rear Delt Raise: 7.5 kg / 16 lb x20
  • Volume: 33,705 kg / 74,151 lb in 60 min
  • Density: 561 kg / min (1235 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 146 BPM, peak 206 BPM -- 831 Cal
  • A good 2 day
First day on my new eating plan.  This one is a lot simpler, and I have the same macros to hit every day.  However it is less food, so my body has to adjust to working with it.

For the most part, everything went as expected.  It turns out I did have another very short episode that lasted for one measurement (roughly 5s) but I only found out in post training analysis.  It was during the second set's lunges, which coincidentally is when my left leg decided to act up a bit.  I think I overstretched a ligament during the lunge, and I had to cut that set short at 15 reps.  I shortened my stride on the lunges and that helped me get through the remainder of the training.

Grip managed to hold out, barely.  All in all it felt like a rough night of training, but not so bad that it caused me to miss anything except the one set of lunges.  I was wondering why I felt a bit light headed toward the end, but that quick episode of >200 BPM heart rate explains that.

Something to keep an eye on: after the last set of RDLs, my left hamstring was on the verge of locking up.  If I had one more rep, it probably would have put me over the edge.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W9D3

BW=135.3 kg / 298 lb
  • Circuit Training: 5 sets, 120/150 protocol
    • BB Hip Thrusts: 45 kg / 99 lb x20
    • Push Press: 62.5 kg / 138 lb x10
    • KB Goblet Squat: 16 kg / 35 lb x20
    • DB Face Pull: 30 kg / 66 lb x12
  • Volume: 11,025 kg / 24,255 lb in 51 min
  • Density: 216 kg / min (475 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 138 BPM, peak 168 BPM
  • Borderline 3 day
Getting over a weekend of compromised sleep.  Sometimes getting old just sucks.  At any rate, things went pretty well all things considered.  I went conservative with the goblet squats, which help me dial in my technique and make sure the KB stayed in the same place for each rep.  I allowed a little too much momentum to change the KB position relative to my chest the first set, but got it nice and tight for the remaining sets.  I'll be grabbing the next larger KB for next week.

The push presses were using my last tested 10 rep max for strict presses.  These were tough, but I managed to get them all done.  My last set slowed down to get the last couple reps out.  I still have some timing to work out on push presses.  Some days they are spot on, and other days I'm getting ahead of the push.  Today was one of those days.  Doing 5 sets of 10 push presses with a 10RM from strict pressing ain't easy.

Increased the DB face pulls, no issues here.  These are increasing pretty steadily.  I'm pretty sure I can handle 35 kg / 77 lbs on these, but I'll keep them the same next week.  I think they are helping me sprout some wings, but I have to get rid of more fat to make it more obvious.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W9D2

BW=133.5 kg / 294 lb
  • Warmup, Pause Squat: bar x10, 70x5, 100x3, 120, 150
  • Pause Squat: 3s pause
    • 160 kg / 353 lb x8 (e1RM 202 kg)
    • 160 kg / 353 lb 2x5 back off sets
  • Warmup, Press: bar x10, 40x5, 50x3, 60
  • Press:
    • 75 kg / 165 lb x3
    • 75 kg / 165 lb 3x2 back off sets
    • 60 kg / 132 lb x8 AMAP
  • BB Rows: 95 kg / 209 lb 3x12
  • Volume: 9,185 kg / 20,207 lb in 60 min
  • Density: 153 kg / min (336 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 133 BPM, peak 160 BPM
  • A good 3 day
A good solid day.  My 8RM on pause squats jumped about 10 kg / 22 lbs this week.  This was pretty tough, particularly since D1's weights went up across the board as well.  Essentially, my pause squat is reaching the same strength as my last regular squat max.

My overhead press hasn't gotten any stronger since last week, but I did hit a 3RM that was equal to my prior 1RM in this lift.  I've found that for me, if I can get under the bar I have a better chance locking it out.  It just feels stronger to me.  It's probably a little less dependent on the triceps strength and more dependent on the shoulder strength.

My rows have gotten a little too ugly again.  I think part of it is that my grip is still recovering a bit since D1's training.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fat Loss Training: W9D1

BW=135 kg / 297 lb
  • Circuit Training: 120/150 protocol
    • RDL: 102.5 kg / 226 lb x10
    • Ext ROM Push Up: BW x17,17,16,16,15 -- 81 reps total
    • DB Lunge: BW + 25 kg ea / 55 lb ea / BW + 15 kg ea / 33 lb ea (sets 2-5), x20
    • DB Delt Raise: 10 kg / 22 lb x20
  • Volume: 33,960 kg / 74,712 lb in 60 min
  • Density: 561 kg / min (1,235 lb / min)
  • Heart Rate: avg. 146 BPM, peak 174 BPM (840 Cal)
  • Roughly 2.5, just plain average
As I'm prone to do, I jumped too high too fast on the lunges.  The first set was not pristine, depth wasn't right (even for walking lunges) and grip gave out at about 14 reps each leg.  25 kg in each hand was just too much considering just last week it was 10 kg each hand (a jump of 30 kg overall).  I did pick the DBs up and complete the set, but took weight off the dumbbells for all future sets.

Between the heavy RDLs and the lunges my grip was really getting a workout.  All RDL reps were performed double overhand, and managed to hold on to the last rep.  This is a good thing, considering there are several grip events in strongman.  I checked my records, and I have done 130 kg x 8, but that was done mixed grip.  This is definitely the heaviest double overhand I've done.

Push ups are really responding well to the new protocol.  This time I was able to keep more reps set to set, which accounted for squeezing out another 5 reps overall.

On the mundane front, the sunburn is turning brown and peeling at the same time.  The big to I dropped the plate on looks rather impressive with the chevron bruising pattern.  The shoulder that was acting up 9 weeks ago is now very happy, and the inflammation in my knees from the step-ups is also now calmed down.  Things are looking up.