Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 3, Bodybuilding Day

BW=285 lbs
  • Band Lat Pulldowns: 50kg / 110 lb 3x15
  • Kroc Rows: 30 kg / 66 lb x13,10,10 -- total 33 reps
  • EZ-Bar Curl: 20 kg / 44 lb x23,17,12 -- total 52 reps
  • Standing Calf Raise: 90 kg / 198 lb 3x15
  • DB Press: 10 kg / 22 lb 3x15
  • Volume: 8,780 kg / 19,316 lb in 29 min
  • Density: 302 kg / min (666 lbs / min)
  • Moderate 3 day
Pretty good day.  Time to go up in everything but the kroc rows.  I'm still seeing improvements, but progress is being held up by the left shoulder.  I'm probably going to have to add some red bands to the lat pulldowns for a progression.  I'm not sure how that's going to work.

Recovery is down at the moment because I have to actually go to bed at a decent hour.  Some of it is just goofing off, but some of it is doing some software development work for the church website.  Burning candles at 2 ends can only last so long and I think I'm at my limit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 3, Deadlift Day

  • Warmup, Axle DL: 70x5, 100x3, 120
  • Axle DL:
    • 160 kg / 353 lb x5
    • 110 kg / 242 lb 5x3
  • Z-Press: 40 kg / 88 lb x10,7,6,5 -- 28 total reps
  • Pullup Negatives: BW x1,2,3,2,1 -- 9 total reps
  • Volume: 5,388 kg / 11,854 lb in 39 minutes
  • Density: 138 kg / min (303 lb / min)
  • Good 3 day
Decent back pump.  Since axle deadlifts are technically a new beast for me, each and every week is a new PR.  This week was 10 kg more than last week, even though my reporting says different.  It dawned on me that the axle is 5kg lighter than the standard bar, so all my axle deadifts before today were actually 5kg lighter than they were.  I'll keep the 5x3 back off until I hit 170x5, and pull back to 3x3.  This is in the spirit of linear progression towards a competition--lower volume to handle more weight.  Based on my records, in both my conventional and my sumo deadlifts, my 5RM to date is 205 kg.  I'll be beating that either on or the week before competition.

The deadlift volume did affect my Z-Press today, and I was having a harder time getting my head through the arms due to the fatigue.  Since I ended up with not quite as much work, I added a set to compensate.  Still good stuff.  Not much to say about the pullup negatives.  Same as last week, but I had my elbow sleeves so my elbows aren't complaining as much this time.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Event Day: Zercher Yoke Carry

BW=282 lb
  • Log Clean: 75 kg / 165 lb x2,2,1
  • Power Clean & Push Press: 50 kg / 110 lb 5x3
  • DB Incline Bench:
    • 25 kg / 55 lb x4
    • 15 kg / 33 lb 3x12
  • Zercher Yoke Carry: 117.25 kg / 258 lb -- 25 ft x2,2
  • Axle Deadlift: 105 kg / 231 lb 3x5
  • Volume: 3,340 kg + 11,725 kg-ft / 7,348 lb + 25,795 lb-ft in 40 min
  • Density: 376 kg / min (827 lb / min)
  • Good 3 day
Felt pretty good today.  Cleaning the log is pretty much consistent now, so my shoulder stability has greatly improved.  I still can't get the log overhead yet, but that's partially a confidence issue and partially a technique issue.  The confidence will be solidified when I get my PC and press up.  Since this is early on in the peaking cycle I am doing more volume for now.  As I need to back off, I will.  I have a mild back pump today, but nothing serious.
The zercher yoke carries went pretty well.  Down to the end of my driveway and back is 50 ft, so 25 ft set it down and pick it up for the remainder.  Breathing went pretty well, although I do need to add another 25 lbs to the yoke.  That would be a little more than four 2.5 kg plates.  Breathing went fine, although it was quite a chore to keep my chest up by the last "sprint".

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 2 Body Building Day

BW=282 lb
  • Band Lat Pulldowns: 50 kg / 110 lb 3x12 (each band)
  • Kroc Rows: 30 kg / 66 lb x12,10,10 -- total 32
  • Hammer Curls: 10 kg / 22 lb x10,15,12 -- total 37
  • BB Standing Calf Raise: 90 k / 198 lb 3x12
  • DB Press: 10 kg / 22 lb 3x15
  • Volume: 6,820 kg / 15,004 lb in 32 minutes
  • Density: 213 kg / min (468 lb / min)
  • Good 3 day
More good stuff.  I don't think I can point to one thing I'm doing to improve, but I can definitely point to movements that are feeling much more stable now.  The Z Press and the Kroc Rows are both examples.  I dug deep and fought the urge to twist my upper body to compensate for those last 4 reps on the Kroc Rows.  Still jumping 8 reps in a week is something that almost never happens.

The hammer curls rep progression seems weird until I mention I had fat gripz on dumbbells for the first set.  My left wrist started collapsing toward the end, and since grip really isn't what I need to emphasize at the moment I got a lot more reps after going back to normal DB handles.

DB Press surprised me.  I did have a couple ugly reps on the last set, but the shoulder is improving in general.  Most of the reps I was able to lock out the left arm, which I wasn't able to do empty handed just a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 2, Deadlift Day

BW=282 lb
  • Warmup, Axle DL: 5x70, 100x3, 120 -- straps starting second rep of 100
  • Axle DL: 155 kg / 341 lb x5
  • Z Press: 40 kg / 88 lb x10,8,8
  • Pullup Negatives: BW x1,2,3,2,1 -- 9 reps
  • Volume: 3775 kg moved in 30 minutes
  • Density: 126 kg / min (277 lb / min)
  • Good 3 day
I forgot to do the back off sets for the DL.  I'll probably do them tomorrow with the rest of the BB work.

I'm seeing some marked improvement with the Z Press.  Last week I had to drop down to 25kg for the second 2 sets, where this week I did not.  I had a brief moment where my right quad locked up on the last rep, which suggests I really do need to stretch and loosen up better than I do.  The shoulder's are getting more stable.  Instead of focusing on what the imbalance that's still present, I'll be focusing on what the shoulder can do.

I couldn't do event day last Saturday due to a crazy schedule.  My schedule for the first two weeks of April is also going to be pretty hosed, but I should at least be able to find time to do the events.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Deadlift Day, Week 1

BW=129 kg / 284 lb
  • Warmup, Axle DL: 70x5, 100x3, 120 (wraps at 100)
  • Axle Deadlift:
    • 150 kg / 330 lb x5
    • 100 kg / 220 lb 5x3
  • Z Press: 40 kg / 88 lb 3x8
  • Pull Up Negatives: BW x 1,2,2,1 (ladders)
  • Volume: 4,782 kg / 10,521 lb in 35 min.
  • Density: 136 kg / min (300 lb / min)
  • Decent 3 day
I'm taking some of the advice from Vlad, and this week will be a test run of it.  He had some good points between events and deadlifts killing the lower back.  That said, I've done some back breaking work with Greg last year so I know I can handle some more punishment.  The deadlift set/rep scheme is a page out of the program I ran with Greg during the off season.  Top set is the main work, and the backoff is -50kg speed reps.  I'm still getting a feel for using wraps and an axle.  The wraps are a bit harder to get in a good grippy position because the bar is so thick.  The deadlifts felt good, heavy enough that I did work but not so heavy I'm drowning in it.

Z Press is feeling a bit better, but I can tell my right arm is still working a lot harder than my left.  The good news is the shoulders are getting a bit more in line.  The bad news is that I'm having trouble locking out my left arm.  Bilateral movements aren't going to remedy the serious imbalance.  The plan is to do more bodybuilding style work to help that out on Thursdays.  That will be when I do the incline press, calf raises, direct bicep work, direct shoulder work, etc.
Since I can't do strict pull ups, and my body composition has been waxing a bit fatter lately, I'm doing negatives.  Again the right side did most of the work slowing my descent and my left biceps still won't move near as much as the right.  That's another thing I'll be hitting with unilateral movements on Thursdays.  The pull ups also are a decent bit of relief for the low back as it hits the upper back more.

I need to get my nutrition in order ASAP if I'm going to compete even at 265 lbs.  Logistics are a bit more challenging now that we are down to one working vehicle and 2 people need to get to work.  I'll get it sorted out soon.
This should be 13 weeks of prep work, and then competition week off.  I still need to get the entry form sent in, but logistics are challenging for overtime work as well.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Deadlift Testing on Saturday

BW = 125.5 kg / 277 lb

  • Deadlift, warmup: 70x3, 100x2, 120 (starting chalk), 150 (starting mixed grip), 170, 200
  • Deadlift: 220 kg / 485 lb

Technique error had me not wanting to push things further right now.  I lost tightness, or my butt shot up to fast, resulting in a minor low back strain.  Nothing that I won't recover from in a day or two, but if I kept pushing it things would have gone bad.