Wednesday, April 16, 2014

W3D1 Peak Training -- Squats

BW=137 kg / 301 lb
  • Warmup, Squats: 70x5, 100x4, 120x3, 150, 170
  • Squats: 185 kg / 407 lb x3
  • Ext. ROM Pushups: BW x 11,9,8
  • Warmup, Sumo: 70x3, 120x2, 155
  • 2 Pause DL: 180 kg / 396 lb 4x2
  • Volume: 7874 kg / 17,324 lb
  • Overall 3 day
My hamstrings were a bit fatigued today, so given the choice between AMRAP 3+ at 185 or go for a new max, I chose the AMRAP.  I don't think I would have put out a fourth rep the way things were.  That said, things did feel pretty good.

It goes without saying that this was a 2 pause DL PR.  While fun in a masochistic way, it felt pretty heavy.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

W2D3 Peak -- Deadlifts

BW = 133.9 kg / 295 lb
  • Split Squats: 60kg / 132 lb 3x8
  • Warmup, DL: 70x3, 120x2, 150, 170, 200
  • Sumo Deadlift: 225 kg / 495 lb x2,1,0 -- rep PR, but supposed to be 3x2
  • Warmup Squats: 70, 100, 120 -- stopped with 150 on my back
  • Hovering Pause Bench: 87.5 kg / 192 lb x8,8,7,6
  • Volume: 5,912.5 kg / 13,007 lb
  • Felt like a 3, performed like a 2
This morning, I woke up without a silver dollar sized wad of phlegm in my throat for the first time this week.  I just had some mild occasional coughing, so I was feeling pretty good--if not sore.  Got into the gym, and the split squats were feeling pretty good, so I was ready to feel good about the outcome of training today.  Also, due to the extra sleep I've been getting to try and get over the allergies quicker I lost several pounds without trying.

The first set of deadlifts was awesome.  Just 10 lbs less than my PR at last October's competition and I pulled it for a double.  I got my grip in deep, and took a no compromises approach to it.  The second set was perplexing, as the first rep felt just as good as the first set, but I just couldn't get the bar off the ground for a second rep.  I was having issues with keeping a good breath with the intermittent cough, and I'm still struggling a bit with the allergies.  That combined with the 5 pound difference between Thursday and this morning, probably finished me off.

I was supposed to do some make up work with the squats, but once I had 150kg on my back I wasn't feeling right anymore.  I chose not to risk it--particularly due to the deadlifts problem.

The hovering pause bench press finished me off.  I'm short 3 reps overall, but again, I didn't really care to make them up.

Friday, April 11, 2014

W2D2 Peaking -- Bench/Squat

BW = 135.3 kg / 298 lb
  • Warmup, Bench: bar x20, 50x5, 70x3, 100
  • Bench:
    • 115 kg / 253 lb x5 AMRAP (tied 2 month old PR)
    • 115 kg / 253 lb 3x3
  • Warmup, Squat: 70x5, 100x4, 120x3, 155
  • Squat: 175 kg / 386 lb x6 AMRAP (PR)
  • Warmup, DL: 70x3, 120x2, 155
  • Conventional DL: 180 kg / 397 lb 3x4
  • Volume: 7,650 kg / 16,830 lb
  • Good 3 day despite residual allergies
Missed Tuesday's training due to back strain and allergies really kicking in.  Every morning this week I feel like crap, but come afternoon I've got some energy (starting on Wednesday).  So I felt good enough to train last night.  Despite the allergies and not being 100%, things went pretty well.  The squat AMRAP was supposed to be done in addition to the paused squats, but I didn't get that information until after I was done.

Bench was another grinder on the last rep, but not as bad as last week.  I at least got it to lockout.  If I were 100% I probably would have had somewhere between another half to full rep after 5.  Squat AMRAP went well.  The weight didn't feel particularly heavy, but without being able to maintain oxygen with my sinuses being all over the place, I ran out of energy for more squats.  I was happy with 6 reps, and even happier when I found out it was a PR.

I haven't done conventional deads in a while, and I'm getting small enough I can do them heavy again.  That will come in handy with my post-meet plans.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

W1D3 Peaking -- Deadlift

BW = 136 kg / 300 lb
  • Split Squats: 60 kg / 132 lb x8,10,18 (supposed to be 3x8 but forgot on second set)
  • Warmup, Sumo: DOH, no chalk 70x3, 120x2, mixed grip no chalk 170
  • Sumo Deadlift: 215 kg / 473 lb x3,3,2 -- back was complaining and couldn't get last rep moving
  • Hovering Paused Bench Press: 80 kg / 176 lb 5x8
  • Volume: 7,100 kg / 15,620 lb in 45 min
  • Density: 157 kg / min (347 lb / min)
  • Good 3 day
I was able to get some good sleep last night, so that helped a whole lot.  Since I could self select on the split squats, I went for a little less than during the work capacity training.

I should have warmed up better for deadlifts, I ended up tweaking my back a little bit, and instead of fighting to get that last rep up, I decided to let it go.  Interesting trivia: 470 lbs was my first competition PR in deadlift, so I was pulling more than that for what was supposed to be 3x3.  I'd say that's a bit of improvement there.

The hovering paused bench press is just a time under tension torture device cooked up by my coach.  I barely got all 5x8 done, and each week I'm supposed to do 5x8 with more weight.  Of course each week I'm reducing reps a fair amount and adding weight.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

W1D2 Peaking -- Bench

BW = 136.3 kg / 300 lb
  • Warmup, Bench: bar x20, 50x5, 70x3, 100
  • Bench Press:
    • AMRAP: 8 reps -- just what was prescribed
    • 4,5,1 -- should have been 2x5
  • Warmup, deadlifts: 70x5, 120x3
  • Conventional Deadlifts: 155 kg / 341 lb 3x8
  • Paused Squats: 132.5 kg / 291 lb 5x4, pause 1s
  • Volume: 9,975 kg / 21,945 lb in 1 hour
  • Density: 166 kg / min (365 lb / min)
  • Low end of 3 day
Stress is up (just general work related stress and trying to squeeze my training in to my life), I'm trying not to succumb to the flu that's taken out the rest of my family, and allergies are kicking up because Spring is making up for the time Winter stole from it.  Long story short, it wasn't the best day for training.  I didn't end up getting into the gym until 8:50, and finished around 9:50.  Sleep sucked.  (I think I just had a complaining PR there).  At any rate, I have to figure something out.

All the assigned work got done--although I was expecting to hit at least one more rep on the AMRAP and then follow up with the 2x5 afterwards.  I think I forgot how to leg drive or something.  I know it wasn't really there on the set of 8, and that last rep was a serious grinder.  I never truly locked it out, but I did get it high enough to put on the hooks.  The first set of five was too lax.  I fixed it for the next set, and that made a huge difference.  The make up rep I added I really focused on it being a competition practice and it moved pretty well.

This week has the most reps, and the reps get cut pretty sharply week to week.  Still a big challenge.  If I can do this well considering all that's going on I should do pretty darn good at the competition.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

W1D1 Peaking -- Squats

BW = 136.8 kg / 302 lb
  • Warmup, BW Squat: 2x10
  • Warmup, Squat: 70x5, 100x5, 120x3, 150
  • Squat: 165 kg / 363 lb
    • AMRAP: 9 reps
    • 2x5
  • Extended ROM Pushups: BW x 11,9,8 -- 28 reps
  • Warmup, Sumo: 70x5, 120x3 -- DOH, no chalk
  • Double Pause Sumo DL: 2s @ 155 kg / 341 lb  4x4
  • Volume: 11,515 kg / 25,334 lb
  • A really good 3 day, borderline 4
A week off did me really good.  I went from not really wanting to see the weight room to "Jonesin'" to get back in.  The peaking program is just what you'd expect: weight goes up week to week and reps go down.  Exercise selection is the same as the work capacity program with the exception that I'm doing competition pulls instead of rack pulls on day 3.  Volume is about a third of what I was doing the last week of work capacity training.  As a result I felt really good today.

Squats were the focus, and I had an AMRAP set of at least 8.  I got 9, and would have had 10 if I didn't misgroove that last rep.  A nice way to bust those cobwebs off.  There's really too many reps to let this be an accurate measure, but using Wendler's favorite 1RM calculator that would put me at 214 kg / 471 lb.  That's mighty promising.  Closer to competition, I'll know what Greg wants me to shoot for, nailing it will make me feel really good.

The rest of the stuff went just fine.  I lost a couple reps on the push ups, but that's partially because I've been off for a week.  The 2 pause DLs also were pretty strong.  On the weight loss front I was down about a quarter pound, and 3/4 inches.  For not doing anything last week, that's not terrible.  I'm hoping the scale will start moving again with some activity.  Funny how in the morning I can be 291 lb / 132 kg and in the evening I'm 302 lb / 137 kg.  With such swings, my afternoon weight is really holding on to the heavier range as best it can.  It has come down steadily since December, just not very fast.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

W6D3 Work Capacity Training

BW= 136 kg / 300 lb
  • Split Squats: 72.5 kg / 160 lb 4x12
  • Warmup, Rack DL: 70x5, 120x3, 170, 200, 220
  • Rack Deadlift:
    • 252.5 kg / 555 lb fail
    • 240 kg / 530 lb x1 (that was AMAP today)
  • Pause Bench: (2-3s over chest) 67.5 kg / 148 lb 12,12,12,10,10,4
  • Volume: 9,070 kg / 19,954 lb
  • Decent 3 day
Finally!  No more split squats!  My back was feeling better so I decided to go for it.  I couldn't get 252.5 kg more than an inch off the rack.  However 240 kg went up fine--once.  I blame the fact that I did strain my back a couple weeks ago and I just couldn't get the volume work in to prep for an AMRAP set today.

Pause bench was a definite finisher.  If there was anything left in the chest and triceps, there isn't any more. As it was I couldn't finish all 12 reps on sets 4 and 5.  I had to take a 6th set to make up the missed reps.

I am so glad this block of training is done.  My body is definitely fatigued, so next week's deload will be very welcome.